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2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL


What is a Brief History of the Honda Ridgeline? The Honda Ridgeline was first introduced in the 2006 model year and this body style look remained the same thru the 2014 model year. The truck was produced in 4 basic trim levels; RT, RTX, RTS, and RTL. All Honda Ridgeline trucks - 2006 thru 2014 -  are 4 door crew cab, are equipped with the same V6 engine and are 4 wheel drive vehicles. The RTL trim level is the top level and comes equipped with leather interior, sunroof (except for some initial production models in '06 and '07) and they also have dual climate control.

What's the Vehicle History of this Honda Ridgeline? This Honda pick-up truck is a non-smoker unit and has had two owners. It was originally sold new in September 2006 and it was originally registered in Vero Beach, Florida. In September of 2009, with 39,788 miles on the odometer; the previous owner acquired the truck and it was registered in Atlantic Beach, Florida. It was traded for a new car at Classic Honda in Orlando, Florida, by the previous owner in June of 2018.

Has this Honda Ridgeline been inspected and serviced? Yes. First, according to the Experian AutoCheck Report on this vehicle; the 2nd owner was a regular / faithful service customer at Coggin Honda, in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to the service history with Coggin Honda; all Honda and Acura vehicles sold by Accurate Auto Sales are fully serviced and completely prepared for the vehicle's next owner. The vehicle inspection and service items are not the same on every Honda and Acura vehicle. We determine the items needed on different Honda and Acura models, based on our experience in our own shop, Accurate Automotive. Below is a list and explanation on what service items were performed in preparing this Honda Ridgeline for marketing - Accurate Automotive Work Order 25345, dated 09-28-2018 .

The Timing Belt Replacement Procedure with Front Plate Reseal. This included the replacement of the timing belt, water pump, timing belt tensioner and idler pulleys, timing belt tensioner adjuster and serpentine drive belt. The front plate - which is the oil pump of the engine - is prone to oil leakage on Honda V6 engines. This front plate is directly behind the timing belt, so the most adventageous time to re-seal the front plate is during a timing belt replacement procedure. To reseal the front plate; the oil pan must also be removed from the engine. So, the oil pan has been cleaned and resealed. The front plate has been cleaned and re-sealed. The timing belt replacement procedure is complete and the next timing belt replacement will not be needed for 105,000 miles or 8 years - whichever occurs first.

We installed new genuine Honda rocker cover gaskets and related seals on both bank 1 and bank 2. These seals are made of rubber. Everytime the engine is started, these seals get as hot as the engine at operating temperature. When the engine is shut off, these rubber seals cool down. After 10 years or so; these seals have gotten hot and cooled-down perhaps 'thousands of times'. In addition, these rubber seals are exposed to oils and rubber does not age well either - it shrinks and gets hard over time. At that point, rubber seals start leaking. The rocker cover gaskets, spark plug tube seals, rocker cover grommet seals, cam plate o-rings, and the positive crankcase ventilation valve - PCV - were all replaced with new genuine Honda replacements. 

We installed a new set of Spark Plugs. The new spark plugs in this vehicle are the correct NGK iridium tipped spark plugs. These spark plugs are good for 10 years or 105,000 miles - whichever occurs first.

We installed a genuine Honda power steering rack, installed new genuine Honda outer tie rod ends, installed a new genuine Honda high pressure power steering hose and re-sealed the power steering pump, using genuine Honda replacement pump parts. Gradually, American Honda is 'phasing-out' the hydraulic power steering systems with electric power steering in the newer Honda and Acura vehicles. The hydraulic power steering systems work very well but eventually the rubber seals in the power steering rack and pump began to leak power steering fluid after several years. The power steering system in this 2007 Honda Ridgeline is now in excellent condition with use of genuine Honda replacement parts - even the power steering fluid is genuine Honda.

A new genuine Honda rear crankshaft seal was installed. The 2 most common areas that Honda and Acura V6 engines leak engine oil from are the rear crankshaft seal and the front engine plate. We re-sealed the front engine plate at the same time we installed a new timing belt - see above. But we also removed the transmission and replaced the rear crankshaft seal, both axle seals and the front pinion seal at the same time. These seals are all made of rubber. After about 10 years, these seals become 'like plastic' and the fluid these seals are containing, start leaking. All seals that were replaced are subject to leaking after 10 to 12 years. They have all been replaced with the genuine Honda replacement and are ready to go for another 10 years. Also, while the axles were removed to facilitate the removal of the transmission to replace the rear crankshaft seal; the inner axle CV joint boots were replaced. These boots, similar to the rubber engine and transmission seals are also made of rubber and  the age of the boots  was showing - they were 'slinging' axle grease. New inner CV joint boots were installed and the inner CV joints were re-packed with fresh axle grease.

We installed a new set of front brake rotors. Nearly every car we sell gets the front rotors either machined or replaced. This is because of brake vibration / pulsation that is a result of front rotor warpage. Front rotors will warp while driving due to heat build up in stop-and-go traffic and then having road-wash water splashing on them - especially on the passenger front - when driving in the rain. All cars are subject to rotor warpage. For this reason, we simply machine or replace the front brake rotors, depending on how thick the rotor / brake discs are on nearly every vehicle, prior to offering the unit for sale. Obviously, the thicker the brake rotor / disc, the more durable the rotor is against warpage. The front brake rotors on this Honda Ridgeline are brand new, thick and true. This results in smooth braking with no pulsation or vibration.

We installed a new set of tires and performed a 4 wheel alignment. Our service techs have been pleased with the way certain Cooper brand tires have been working in our service shop, Accurate Automotive. The tires balance well, they are not directional tires, the tread is not coarse, so road noise is minimal and they are a 'good value' when pricing comparable tire brands. A new set of 4 Cooper Discoverer SRX tires were mounted and balanced, then we performed a 4 wheel alignment. These tires are rated by Cooper to have a service life of 75,000 miles with proper tire rotation, periodic alignments and tire tread inspections.  

We Evacuated and Recharged the A/C System. The A/C system uses R134A refrigerant, which took the place of R12 - commonly referred to a "freon" around 1993 / 1994 year model cars. Proper R134A refrigerant level on newer vehicle A/C systems is a very tight window and MUST BE PROPERLY PERFORMED using a machine. A guy with a hose and a can of refrigerant cannot properly charge an A/C system. With a high quality - industry standard - Robinair A/C machine; we evacuated the refrigerant from the A/C system, ran a 10 minute vacuum on the system, replenished the compressor oil and charged the A/C system to the max. capacity of the correct R134A refrigerant. 

We installed a new passenger front door lock actuator. The door lock actuator on the right front door was not working properly and would also make a slight 'buzzing' noise when locking and unlocking. This is a common part to need replacing. The replacement part that was installed was a brand new genuine Honda door lock actuator - not a cheap, aftermarket replacment - Honda part number 72115-SDA-A01.

We refinished the headlights. This is not an "AS SEEN ON TV" method. The TV method 'is a joke'. The 'yellowing' of  polycarbonate headlamp lenses has to be corrected using professional 3M hi-speed sanding discs and pnuematic tools that spin the 3000 grit 3M sanding discs at several thousand RPMs Then, the headlamps have to be buffed with high speed buffing pads and 3M polishes. The 'clean look' of these headlamps has been restored, improving the effectiveness of the headlamps at night and also improving the over-all appearance of the truck during daylight driving.

The exterior of this truck has been completely re-finished with 'top-shelf' PPG automotive paint products. Front to rear, this entire truck was sanded, sealed, painted, and clear-coated with PPG urethane automotive finishes. PPG Deltron 2000 paint was applied with 3 applications of PPG DC4000 urethane clear coat. Hood, doors, both bumpers, mirrors, and door handles were painted off the truck. Time and critical steps were taken to provide a good professional job. On a scale of 1 to 10, we are confident most folks will give the exterior finish an 'easy 8'.

A brand new tow hitch and harness were installed. While the rear bumper was removed for painting; a new "Draw Tite" brand hitch and tow harness were installed. 

Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase, service, repair and maintain your Honda and Acura automobiles.


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2007 Honda Ridgeline RTL

Our Price: SOLD

Exterior Color:G525M4 - Dark Silver Sage / Aberdeen Green
Interior Color:Beige
Engine:247hp 3.5-Liter SOHC 24 Valve VTEC V6 Engine
Transmission:5-Speed Automatic Transmission with Direct Control System Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission Cooler
Drive Type:VTM-4 4Wheel Drive System with 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
Fuel Type:Regular Gasoline - 86 Octane or Higher
Stock No.:506425
VIN Number:2HJYK16587H506425
Model:Ridgeline RTL
Our Price:SOLD


Why Buy from Accurate?

A brief history: In 1997, Accurate Automotive opened as a shop, specializing exclusively in the repair and maintenance of Honda and Acura automobiles. The reason for specializing is because all of the members of the technical staff are former Honda and Acura franchised dealership technicians. In 2004, after moving into their new facility, they expanded their business to include the sales department that specializes in Honda and Acura automobiles.

Now for the reasons:

1. All of their inventory is selected by one of their technicians

* Most off of lease programs with American Honda Financial Co.

2. Most of the inventory is from southern states (FL, GA, TN, NC, SC)

* Avoiding undercarriage corrosion resulting from exposure to road salt and severe winter weather driving.

3. Prior to marketing, inventory units are fully serviced with all components / systems working properly.

4. Finally, all units are meticulously detailed inside and out prior to marketing



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