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2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L / RES


What is a Brief History of the Honda Odyssey? The Honda Odyssey was first introduced in the 1995 model year. The van is currently in the 4th generation body style. This current body style began in the 2011 model year. In 2015, American Honda offered this van in 6 basic trim levels; Odyssey LX, EX, EX-L, EX-L with Navigation, EX-L with RES - Rear Entertainment DVD System, Touring and Touring Elite. 

What's the Vehicle History of this Honda Odyssey? This Honda Odyssey van is a one owner, non-smoker unit. It was originally placed into service in September of 2015 and it was registered in Boca Raton, Florida. 

Any Accidents? No. This Honda Odyssey has an accident-free history based on data provided through the Experian AutoCheck Report.

Has this Honda Odyssey been inspected and serviced? Yes. All Honda and Acura vehicles sold by Accurate Auto Sales are fully serviced and completely prepared for the vehicle's next owner. The vehicle inspection and service items are not the same on every Honda and Acura vehicle. We determine the items needed on different Honda and Acura models, based on our experience in our own shop, Accurate Automotive. Below is a list and explanation on what service items were performed in preparing this Honda Odyssey for marketing - Accurate Automotive Work Order 25001, dated 05-22-2018 .

The 90,000 mile procedure was performed. The service procedures in 30,000 mile increments - 30, 60, 90, 120, 150, 180 -  are the most critical. In this service we changed the engine oil and filter, we changed the automatic transmission fluid - which we highly recommend on most Honda and Acura vehicles on a yearly or every 15k interval. During this service we also replaced the engine air filter, installed a new charcoal interior cabin air filter, rotated and balanced the tires, changed the brake fluid in the brake master cylinder, installed a new set of genuine Honda wiper inserts for the front and installed a brand genuine Honda rear windshield wiper blade - which we highly recommend - the aftermarket windshield wiper blades are just plain junk and sometimes more expensive than the genuine Honda blades and rubber inserts.

We installed a new set of genuine Honda front brake pads and machined the Front Brake Rotors. We highly recommend always using genuine Honda replacement brake pads. The organic compunds used in the manufacturing of most aftermarket brake pads result in a shorter service life, more brake dust, the aftermarket brake pads usally make noise - squeaking / grinding - and the aftermarket brake pads also develop excessive heat from organic counpounds, which are likely to warp rotors more frequently - resulting in pulsation and vibration when braking. Genuine Honda brake pads are semi metallic. They wear longer, they are quieter when braking, they are less likely to warp rotors and brake dust accumulation on the wheels is much less.  The machining procedure on the front rotors was performed on-the-hub so the rotors would be cut true and straight based on the precision of the hub that the rotor is directly mounted to. This ensures that when braking, the van will be smooth, with no brake vibration or pulsation from warped rotors - which is a very very common issue with ALL VEHICLES. 

We installed new adjustable  left and right rear camber arms and performed a 4 wheel alignment. From the factory, most Honda and Acura vehicles do not have an adjustment for rear camber. However as the suspension settles - weakens a little; the vehicle ride height lowers slightly. This causes the rear camber to go negative which can make the rear tires wear faster on the inside of the tread - especially if the vehicle is loaded with weight, via many passengers or hauling stuff. We have seen this issue on Honda and Acura vehicles as new as 2016 models. While most repair shops and dealers will ignore an out-of-spec negative camber issue because it is not adjustable from the factory; we will install very high quality replacement suspension parts as needed to correct the out-of-spec alignment situation. The alignment on this Honda Odyssey is now straight and true on all 4 wheels.

We Evacuated and Recharged the A/C System. The A/C system uses R134A refrigerant, which took the place of R12 - commonly referred to a "freon" around 1993 / 1994 year model cars. Proper R134A refrigerant level on newer vehicle A/C systems is a very tight window and MUST BE PROPERLY PERFORMED using a machine. A guy with a hose and a can of refrigerant cannot properly charge an A/C system. With a high quality - industry standard - Robinair A/C machine; we evacuated the refrigerant from the A/C system, ran a 10 minute vacuum on the system, replenished the compressor oil and charged the A/C system to the max. capacity of the correct R134A refrigerant. 

Come in and see why we are the best place in Nashville and Middle Tennessee to purchase, service, repair and maintain your Honda and Acura automobiles.


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2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L with Rear Entertainment DVD System

Our Price: $19,750

Exterior Color:NH731P - Crystal Black Pearl
Interior Color:Truffle
Engine:248 hp, 3.5 Liter (SOHC)
Transmission:6 Speed Automatic
Drive Type:Front Wheel Drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Stock No.:128512
VIN Number:5FNRL5H69FB128512
Our Price:$19,750


Why Buy from Accurate?

A brief history: In 1997, Accurate Automotive opened as a shop, specializing exclusively in the repair and maintenance of Honda and Acura automobiles. The reason for specializing is because all of the members of the technical staff are former Honda and Acura franchised dealership technicians. In 2004, after moving into their new facility, they expanded their business to include the sales department that specializes in Honda and Acura automobiles.

Now for the reasons:

1. All of their inventory is selected by one of their technicians

* Most off of lease programs with American Honda Financial Co.

2. Most of the inventory is from southern states (FL, GA, TN, NC, SC)

* Avoiding undercarriage corrosion resulting from exposure to road salt and severe winter weather driving.

3. Prior to marketing, inventory units are fully serviced with all components / systems working properly.

4. Finally, all units are meticulously detailed inside and out prior to marketing



  • Vehicle pricing does not include applicable sales tax, registration, or dealer processing fee.
  • A Buyers Order (which shows an out-the-door total) can be requested and obtained, by all potential car buyers, without obligation to purchase.
  • For an accurate Buyers Order, we will need potential buyers full name, address, contact information and the lender (if applicable) that will be financing the vehicle.


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